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Nova Research Project
The Nova Research Project was begun to determine how Chevrolet actually assembled Novas and is an attempt to document what was normally done on the assembly line.

Carlisle Home Page
The Granddaddy of all Automotive events...

Nova Resource by Scott Windle
Devoted to 1962- 1979 Chevy II/Novas

Roush 427R Home

Steve's Nova Site Forum
Answers to ALL your Nova questions by Nova experts!

National Nostalgic Nova
National Nostalgic Nova is a car club for people who love Chevy IIs, Novas and Acadians.

Nova Information
Trim Tag Decoders
How to read your cowl tag.

Chevy Engine Codes
Chevy engine codes and stampings help.

Transmission ID information
Transmission identification chart (Automatic and Manual transmissions ALL makes This is a Adobe Acrobat file courtesy of Hurst Shifters

Here are some charts to help those of you who are going the manual transmission route to locate compatible components.

Nova Parts
GM performance parts
GM Performance Parts

Nova In-dash Tach conversions.

Classic Muscle from Modern Chevrolet Inc.
Check GM part numbers and find NOS GM parts at Classic Muscle

Year One Nova Parts
New Replacement Parts for your Nova

Lutty's Chevy Parts
very nice and knowledgeable folks....Great place for Nova Parts!

Nova Parts Link
Used & Restored parts.

Classic Industries
The Restorers Choice.

Hurst Shifters
Hurst Home Page Catalog

Nova Tech
Muncie 4 Speed Page
Muncie gear ratios and decoder

Disc Brake Conversion
Disc Conversion article for First Generation Camaro which is similar to 3rd Generation Nova.

Headlight Relay Install
How to get brighter and safer headlights with relays.

CamQuest™ 6 Cam Selection Software
Cam selection software.