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66 Impala

1966 Impala Super Sport   

Apr 1999 001

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65-66 Full Size Chevy Club 

This was my 66 Impala SS. It was sold new in Proctorville, Ohio at Hamilton Chevrolet and left the factory as a 327 Powerglide SS Coupe with Power Steering and bucket seat interior. The car is Marina Blue with Bright Blue interior. In the restoration I changed it to a 4 speed with Power brakes, Tilt steering, Factory A/C, which meant a used dash from a donor car..THAT WAS A TOUGH JOB!

I bought this car in February 1987 as a BASKET case. It had been sitting for about 10 yrs. with no drivetrain. The 327 crankshaft had  broken in 1977 and was never repaired. I became the 3rd legal owner.  I owned the car for 12 years and pretty much re-did everything. The only original parts when I sold it were the body-shell itself , glass, both doors and the 12 bolt 3:08 rear-end. I did put a full quarter on the pass. side and the frame I used was a 1968 Impala frame. It wasn't a "direct" bolt-in but worked fine with little modification. For power it had a 1962 327 engine with 1:94 heads and a nice cam all done up in period-correct details. The transmission was a Saginaw 4-speed. Without Dave's help over the years, this project would never have happened. The last knowledge I had of the car it was near Toledo, Ohio...